The new turbopump is equipped with a patented 4 stage system. It has a unique gearing system that gives you the opportunity to gear down when it gets rough. It allows the user to choose if they want high volume (300 cc) with lower pressure. Or low volume (200 cc) with higher pressure.

Features: Pressure gauge, moisture trap, particle filter (replaceable), and bleed valve. Unique gearing system.
Connections: DIN or Kevlar hose 0,5 m with 1/8” thread.



Please note all air rifles come with a compensator, not a shroud . This is due to WA regulations





FX Bobcat


 FX Revolution (SEMI AUTO) PCP Air Rifle

The Revolution takes airguns to the next level with its fast-fire semi automatic system. Wasted air is used to cycle the bolt and index the
magazine and along with a new 12-shot magazine it allows more shots while reducing the time between shots to zero!

GREAT OPTION FOR YOUR AIR RIFLE by nitesite.I have one mounted on my own Gladiator. Handheld spotter also available.

 A leader among optics companies, with precision optics products throughout Europe, UK and the US, Optisan rifle scopes and binoculars are now available in Australia. Made famous for their commitment to product development and innovation, Optisan has built a reputation for high quality products and attention to detail in all aspects of European design. With sales and distribution in over 30 countries worldwide and their own optics manufacturing facilities in three countries, Optisan has a true global presence. Unlike some other Optics brands that only “market” their rifle scopes and binoculars, Optisan designs optics, develops new products and manufacturing processes for their ISO9000 certified manufacturing facilities. Knowing optics inside and out allows for more control over the total quality of the product.

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